Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the nation's largest city. It is in eastern Tanzania on the Indian Ocean, south of the island of Zanzibar. It is the chief industrial and commercial city of Tanzania and is also a major East African port. The city is linked to the interior and to the Democratic Republic of the Congo by railway and is served by an international airport. The University of Dar es Salaam, founded in 1961, is the national university. Several colleges are also in the city.

Dar es Salaam served as Tanzania's first capital. In the late 1900's, government functions began to be transferred to the city of Dodoma.

Until the late 1800's, Dar es Salaam was little more than a fishing village. It grew quickly as the administrative center of German East Africa and, after World War I, British-administered Tanganyika.

Population: 1,350,850.