Libya, or The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, a country in North Africa. It fronts on the Mediterranean Sea and is bounded by Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan, and Egypt. The country has three historic regions—Tripolitania in the northwest, Fezzan in the southwest, and Cyrenaica in the northeast—but they have no political status.

Facts in brief about Libya
Capital: Tripoli.
Official language: Arabic.
Area: 679,362 mi2 (1,759,540 km2). Greatest distances—north-south, 930 mi (1,497 km); east-west, 1,050 mi (1,690 km). Coastline—1,047 mi (1,685 km).
Population:Current estimate—6,266,000; density, 9 per mi2 (4 per km2); distribution, 86 percent urban, 14 percent rural. 2003 census—5,678,484.
Chief products:Agriculture—barley, livestock, olives, tomatoes, wheat. Manufacturing—cement, petroleum products, processed foods. Mining—iron ore, natural gas, petroleum.
National anthem: "Allahu Akbar Fawqa Kayd Al-Motadi" ("God Is Greater Than the Aggressor's Malice").
Flag: Libya's flag, adopted in 1977, is entirely green. Green is the traditional color of Islam, the religion of most Libyans.
Money:Basic unit—Libyan dinar. One thousand dirhams equal one dinar.