Antarctica is surrounded by the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. On occasion the Antarctic sky is lighted by magnificent displays of the Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights.

Antarctic Ocean

Antarctic Ocean, or Southern Ocean, names sometimes given to the waters surrounding Antarctica.

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  • Geography of Antarctica

    Geography of Antarctica

    Antarctica, the ice-locked landmass around the South Pole. The name means "opposite the Bear" (the northern constellation), or "opposite the Arctic." It is the most remote and desolate of all the continents. See more »

  • Antarctic Ocean

    Antarctic Ocean

    Antarctic Ocean, or Southern Ocean, names sometimes given to the waters surrounding Antarctica. See more »

  • Geography of Victoria Land

    Geography of Victoria Land

    Victoria Land, a region of Antarctica south of New Zealand. It is bounded on the east by Ross Sea and on the west by Wilkes Land. See more »

  • Geography of Wilkes Land

    Geography of Wilkes Land

    Wilkes Land, the coastal region of Antarctica south of Australia. Wilkes Land extends along the Indian Ocean between Queen Mary Coast and George V Coast. See more »

  • Mount Erebus

    Mount Erebus

    Erebus, Mount, an active volcano in Antarctica. It rises to a height of 12,450 feet (3,795 m) on Ross Island in the Ross Sea. See more »

  • The Amundsen Sea

    The Amundsen Sea

    Amundsen Sea, an arm of the South Pacific Ocean. It lies off the coast of Antarctica's Marie Byrd Land. See more »

  • The Antarctic Circle

    The Antarctic Circle

    Antarctic Circle, an imaginary line running parallel to the Equator and circling the earth at about 66° 33' South latitude. See more »

  • The Antarctic Peninsula

    The Antarctic Peninsula

    Antarctic Peninsula, a long, narrow arm of Antarctica. It stretches generally northward for nearly 1,200 miles (1,900 km), reaching beyond the Antarctic Circle to within 650 miles (1,050 km) of the southern tip of South America. See more »

  • The Bellinghausen Sea

    The Bellinghausen Sea

    Bellingshausen Sea, part of the South Pacific bordering Antarctica. It is west of the Antarctic Peninsula between Alexander Island and Thurston Island. See more »

  • The Weddell Sea

    The Weddell Sea

    Weddell Sea, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Antarctica. It lies south of the Antarctic Circle, largely between the Antarctic Peninsula and Coats Land. See more »

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