China is by far the most populous country on earth, with one-fourth of the world's total population inside its borders. It is also the world's oldest continuing civilization.

Geography of Fuzhou

Fuzhou, also Fu-chow, both, and Foochow, China, the capital of Fujian province. The city is on the Min River, 25 miles (40 km) inland from Taiwan Strait.

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  • Why is there an underground city beneath Beijing?

    Why is there an underground city beneath Beijing?

    There's more to Beijing than meets the eye at street-level. Under bustling sidewalks is a subterranean city with its own classrooms, movie theater and restaurants. See more »

  • China


    China, or the People's Republic of China, a country in eastern Asia. It is sometimes called Communist China or Mainland China to distinguish it from the Republic of China, or Nationalist China, situated on the offshore island of Taiwan. See more »

  • Geography of Beijing

    Geography of Beijing

    Beijing, or Peking, China, the nation's capital and second largest city. It lies on the edge of the North China Plain in the northeastern part of the country, about 90 miles (145 km) inland from the Bo Hai, an arm of the Yellow Sea. See more »

  • Geography of Shanghai

    Geography of Shanghai

    Shanghai, China, the nation's largest city and principal seaport, and one of the most populous cities in the world. See more »

  • Geography of Manchuria

    Geography of Manchuria

    Manchuria, the northeastern part of China, known to the Chinese as Dongbei (“the Northeast”). See more »

  • Geography of Tibet

    Geography of Tibet

    Tibet, (Chinese: Xizang), a geographical and political region of southwestern China. See more »

  • Geography of Anshan

    Geography of Anshan

    Anshan, China, a city in Liaoning province, about 360 miles (580 km) northeast of Beijing. See more »

  • Geography of Changchun

    Geography of Changchun

    Changchun, China, the capital of Jilin province in Manchuria. It lies on the fertile Manchurian Plain in northeastern China. See more »

  • Geography of Chengdu

    Geography of Chengdu

    Chengdu, or Chengtu, China, one of the nation's largest cities and the capital of Sichuan province. See more »

  • Geography of Chongqing

    Geography of Chongqing

    Chongqing, or Ch'ung-ch'ing, both Chungking, China. It is one of China's major cities and an independent municipality, or shih, under the central government. See more »

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