Changchun, China, the capital of Jilin province in Manchuria. It lies on the fertile Manchurian Plain in northeastern China. Changchun is an industrial city known especially for the making of trucks and other transportation equipment. Jilin University, a branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and several research institutes are here. Many motion pictures are made in studios in the city.

Changchun was a small settlement until the 20th century. Growth was aided by the completion of railways into the city in the early 1900's and by the opening of Manchuria to Chinese settlement after 1912. During 1933–45 Changchun was the capital of Manchukuo, the puppet state Japan created out of Manchuria. Industrial development was greatly spurred by the Chinese Communists after 1949. In 1954 Changchun replaced Jilin as the provincial capital.

Population: 3,093,000.