Chengdu, or Chengtu, China, one of the nation's largest cities and the capital of Sichuan province. It is on a branch of the Min River in the Sichuan Basin, south-central China.

For centuries Chengdu has been the center of one of the nation's richest agricultural regions, where wheat, rice, and many subtropical crops are grown. After 1949, when the Communists gained control of China, the city became increasingly industrialized and now manufactures a wide range of goods. Chengdu is a river port and has railway and air service.

Buddhist and Taoist temples and a shrine to the poet Du Fu are among the city's landmarks. The Sichuan Opera, Sichuan Union University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and several specialized schools are here.

Chengdu is an ancient city, dating back to at least 400 B.C. During the Three Kingdoms period it was the capital of the Kingdom of Shu (221–263 A.D.).

Population: 3,294,000.