Lüda, China, a municipality on the southern coast of the Liaodong peninsula in Liaoning province, Manchuria. It includes the cities of Dalian (formerly Dairen), Manchuria's chief commercial port; and Lüshun (formerly Port Arthur), an important naval base. Lüda is also a major industrial center. Industries include shipbuilding, oil refining, food processing, and the manufacturing of railway cars and locomotives, steel, chemicals, and machine tools. Several technical schools and a medical college are here.

Lüshun and Dalian have been port cities for hundreds of years. Japan held the cities briefly at the close of the Sino-Japanese War in 1895. They came under Russian authority in 1898, but were lost to Japan in 1905, after the Russo-Japanese War. Japan maintained control until defeated in World War II. Russia and Japan did much to develop the ports, railways, and industries of the area. After World War II China and the Soviet Union shared control until 1955, when China regained sole possession of the cities. The municipality was created soon thereafter.

The population of Dalian is about 1,480,000. The figure for Lüda as a whole is not available.