Malaysia Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia.

Malaysia, a country in southeastern Asia. It consists of Peninsular Malaysia, an 11-state mainland section on the Malay Peninsula, and the states of Sarawak and Sabah on the island of Borneo. Thus Malaysia is a divided country, its parts separated by roughly 400 to 1,000 miles (640 to 1,600 km) of the South China Sea.

On the Malay Peninsula, Malaysia is bordered by Thailand; on Borneo, by Indonesia and Brunei. The island nation of Singapore is at the peninsula's tip. Elsewhere Malaysia is bounded by water, including the South China, Sulu, and Celebes seas, and the Strait of Malacca.

Facts in brief about Malaysia
Capital: Kuala Lumpur (legislative), Putrajaya (administrative).
Official language: Bahasa Malaysia.
Area: 127,355 mi2 (329,847 km2).
Elevation:Highest―Mount Kinabalu, 13,431 ft (4,094 m) above sea level. Lowest―sea level, along the coast.
Population:Current estimate―27,526,000; density, 216 per mi2 (83 per km2); distribution, 65 percent urban, 35 percent rural. 2000 census―23,274,690.
Chief products:Agriculture―cacao, coconuts, palm oil, pepper, pineapples, rice, rubber, timber. Manufacturing―air conditioners, cement, processed foods, rubber goods, semiconductors, textiles. Mining―bauxite, copper, gold, iron ore, natural gas, petroleum, tin.
National anthem: "Negara Ku" ("My Country").
Flag and national crest: Malaysia's flag dates from 1963. Its 14 horizontal red-and-white stripes and 14-pointed gold star in the upper-left corner symbolize Malaysia's original 14 states. The crescent to the left of the star represents Islam. The national crest shows two tigers and the 14-pointed star with crescent.
Money:Basic unit―ringgit (sometimes called Malaysian dollar). One hundred sen equal one ringgit.