The geography of Japan is quite unique because it is an island nation. With densely populated cities and heavily forested interiors, Japan is a land steeped in tradition and modern life.

Geography of Sendai

Sendai, Japan, the capital of Miyagi prefecture. It lies about 190 miles (306 km) north-northeast of Tokyo and is the economic and cultural center of northern Honshu.

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  • Geography of Tokyo

    Geography of Tokyo

    Tokyo, Japan, the nation's capital and largest city and one of the largest cities in the world. See more »

  • Japan


    Japan, officially Nippon, a country off the east coast of Asia. It consists of four large islands—Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku—and more than 3,300 smaller ones, including the Ryukyu chain. See more »

  • Geography of Yokohama

    Geography of Yokohama

    Yokohama, Japan, the nation's second largest city and the capital of Kanagawa prefecture. See more »

  • Geography of Amagasaki

    Geography of Amagasaki

    Amagasaki, Japan, a city in Hyogo Prefecture, on southwestern Honshu. It lies on Osaka Bay, an arm of the Inland Sea. See more »

  • Geography of Hamamatsu

    Geography of Hamamatsu

    Hamamatsu, Japan, a city in Shizuoka prefecture on the south coast of Honshu, about midway between Tokyo and Osaka. See more »

  • Geography of Hiroshima

    Geography of Hiroshima

    Hiroshima, Japan, the capital of Hiroshima prefecture and one of the nation's largest cities. See more »

  • Geography of Kagoshima

    Geography of Kagoshima

    Kagoshima, Japan, one of the nation's largest cities and the capital of Kagoshima prefecture. See more »

  • Geography of Kitakyushu

    Geography of Kitakyushu

    Kitakyushu, Japan, a city and seaport in Fukuoka Prefecture, northern Kyushu. It lies on the coast of the Korean Strait near Shimonoseki Strait, which leads to the Inland Sea. See more »

  • Geography of Kobe

    Geography of Kobe

    Kobe, Japan, the capital of Hyogo prefecture. It is on the island of Honshu, fronting on Osaka Bay, an arm of the Inland Sea. See more »

  • Geography of Kumamoto

    Geography of Kumamoto

    Kumamoto, Japan, the capital of Kumamoto prefecture. It is on the island of Kyushu in southwestern Japan, near the East China Sea. See more »

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