Cuba, or Republic of Cuba, an island country in the Greater Antilles of the West Indies. The Republic of Cuba consists of the Cuban archipelago, which is made up of the island of Cuba, the Isle of Youth (formerly the Isle of Pines), and more than 3,700 smaller islands, islets, and keys. The island of Cuba, with an area of 40,519 square miles (104,945 km2), is the largest island in the West Indies. Cuba has been called the "Pearl of the Antilles" because of its natural beauty. It lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico. Key West, Florida, is 90 miles (145 km) north of Cuba and the Yucat√°n Peninsula of Mexico is 130 miles (210 km) west-southwest.

The area of the country is 42,803 square miles (110,861 km2). The main island is roughly 770 miles (1,250 km) long and as much as 120 miles (190 km) wide.