GrenadaGrenada is an island nation in the West Indies.

Grenada, an independent island country in the West Indies. It lies at the southern end of the Windward Islands, about 1,500 miles (2,400 km) southeast of Florida. The nation consists of the island of Grenada; Carriacou, in the southern Grenadines; and several smaller islands and islets. Its total area is 133 square miles (344 km 2 ). The islands are of volcanic origin and are hilly to mountainous, reaching elevations of more than 2,700 feet (820 m) on Grenada. The climate and vegetation are subtropical.

Grenada has an agricultural economy, based mainly on subsistence farming, fishing, and the production of a few export crops—especially cacao, nutmeg, and bananas. There is also some manufacturing of consumer goods and a small tourist trade.

Grenada has a population of about 102,000. St. George's is the capital. Virtually all of the people are blacks or mulattoes, descendants of African slaves. Most belong to the Roman Catholic church. English is the official language.

Grenada has a parliamentary government headed by a prime minister. The legislature consists of a popularly elected assembly and an appointed senate. A governor general represents the British crown. Grenada is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.