Albania, or Republic of Albania, a nation on the Balkan Peninsula in Europe. The Albanian name of the country is Shqipéri, meaning “Land of Eagles.” It lies on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea and is bordered by Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, and Greece.

Facts in brief about Albania
Capital: Tirane.
Official language: Albanian.
Area: 11,100 mi2 (28,748 km2). Greatest distances—north-south, 215 mi (346 km); east-west, 90 mi (145 km). Coastline—175 mi (282 km).
Population: Current estimate—3,187,000; density, 287 per mi2 (111 per km2); distribution, 55 percent rural, 45 percent urban. 2001 census—3,069,275.
Chief products: Agriculture—corn, potatoes, sugar beets, wheat. Mining—chromite, copper, petroleum. Manufacturing—cement, fertilizers, food products, textiles.
Flag: On the flag of Albania, a two-headed black eagle appears on a red field. Albania's name in Albanian, the official language, is Shqiperia, which means The Land of the Eagle.
Money: Basic unit—lek.