Denmark, or Kingdom of Denmark (Danish: Danmark), one of the Scandinavian countries of northern Europe. Denmark proper consists of almost the entire Jutland peninsula; Zealand, Fyn, Lolland, and some 480 other islands between the North and Baltic seas; and Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. Greenland and the Faeroe Islands, in the North Atlantic Ocean far to the west of Denmark proper, are Danish possessions. (This article does not cover Greenland and the Faeroe Islands; for information on them, see Greenland; Faeroe Islands.)

Denmark borders Germany on Jutland and is elsewhere bounded by water. It is separated from Norway by the Skagerrak and from Sweden by the Kattegat and the Öresund. Denmark's area is almost twice that of New Jersey.

Facts in brief about Denmark
Capital: Copenhagen.
Official language: Danish.
Official name: Kongeriget Danmark (Kingdom of Denmark).
Area: 16,639 mi2 (43,094 km2). Greatest distances—east-west, 250 mi (402 km); north-south, 225 mi (362 km). Coastline—1,057 mi (1,701 km).
Elevation: Highest–Yding Skovhøj, 568 ft (173 m) above sea level. Lowest—sea level along the coasts.
Population: Current estimate—5,463,000; density, 328 per mi2 (127 per km2); distribution, 86 percent urban, 14 percent rural. 2006 official estimate— 5,427,367.
Chief products: Agriculture—barley, beef and dairy cattle, eggs, hogs, milk, potatoes, sugar beets, wheat. Fishing—cod, herring, sand lances. Manufacturing—bacon, butter, cheese, diesel engines, electrical and electronic equipment, furniture, ham, machinery, porcelain, ships, silverware.
National holiday: Constitution Day, June 5.
National anthems: "Kong Christian stod ved højen mast" ("King Christian Stood by Lofty Mast") and "Der er et yndigt land" ("There Is a Lovely Land").
Flag and coat of arms: The Danish flag has a red field with an off-center white cross. The civil flag, flown by the people, is rectangular. The state flag, flown by the government, has a swallowtail (forked tail). Denmark's coat of arms dates from the 1100's. The coat features lions of the Valdemar arms among water lilies.
Money: Basic unit—Danish krone. One hundred ore equal one krone.