Liège (Dutch: Luik, loik), Belgium, the capital of Liège province. The city is about 55 miles (90 km) southeast of Brussels. It is on the Meuse River and at the south end of the Albert Canal in the hilly Ardennes region. Liège is in a coal-mining area and is one of Belgium's chief centers for the production of iron and steel. Other products include machinery, armaments, glass, and paper. The University of Liège was founded in 1817.

Liège was founded in the eighth century. During much of its history it was ruled by its bishop. In 1815 Liège was assigned to the Netherlands, but in 1830 it became part of Belgium. In World War I the invading Germans captured the city after demolishing its ring of forts. It was again captured by the Germans during World War II.

Population: 184,550.