Poland, officially Republic of Poland, a country of eastern Europe. It is bounded by the Baltic Sea, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

Facts in brief about Poland
Capital: Warsaw.
Official language: Polish.
Official name: Rzeczypospolita Polska (Republic of Poland).
Area: 120,728 mi2 (312,685 km2). Greatest distances—east-west, 430 mi (692 km); north-south, 395 mi (636 km). Coastline—277 mi (446 km).
Elevation: Highest—Rysy peak, 8,199 ft (2,499 m) above sea level. Lowest—sea level.
Population: Current estimate—38,077,000; density, 315 per mi2 (122 per km2); distribution, 62 percent urban, 38 percent rural. 2002 census—38,230,100.
Chief products: Agriculture—barley, hogs, potatoes, rye, sugar beets, wheat. Manufacturing—chemicals, food products, iron and steel, machinery, ships, textiles. Mining—coal, copper, silver, sulfur.
Flag and coat of arms: Poland's national flag, flown by the people, has two horizontal stripes of red and white. The state flag, used by the government, includes the coat of arms. An eagle has been used on the Polish coat of arms since the 1200's.
National anthem: "Jeszcze Polska nie Zginela" ("Poland Has Not Yet Perished").
Money: Basic unit—zloty. One hundred groszy equal one zloty.