Venice, (Italian : Venezia), Italy, the capital of Veneto region and of Venice province. It is often called the “Queen of the Adriatic” because of its unique beauty and abundant art and architectural treasures.

Venice lies in a protected lagoon at the north end of the Adriatic Sea. It is built on wooden pilings set into 118 islands and almost appears to be afloat. Some 160 canals provide transportation routes within the city. There are no streets for vehicular use, only narrow passageways for walking. The canals are spanned by more than 400 bridges, most of which are arched to allow boats to pass beneath. Gondolas are the traditional means of conveyance, but powerboats are also used, some serving as buses and taxis. Buildings front directly on canals, with entrances barely above water level. There are public squares, most of them small, scattered throughout the city.

Politically, Venice is part of the commune of Venice, which consists of the city proper, other islands in the lagoon, and a mainland section. On the mainland are the residential suburb of Mestre, the port city of Marghera, and Venice's airport. Venice and the mainland are connected by a 2.5-mile (4-km) bridge.