Verona, Italy, the capital of Verona province in the northern region of Venetia. It is situated on the Adige River 60 miles (97 km) west of Venice. Verona is a rail and highway junction on the route leading southward from the Brenner Pass in the Alps. Manufactured products include machinery, paper, drugs, plastics, printed goods, and furniture. Verona has many medieval buildings. The cathedral, built during the 12th to 15th centuries, has an altarpiece by Titian. The Roman amphitheater, only slightly smaller than the Colosseum in Rome, can seat 27,000 and is used for opera performances.

Verona was occupied by the Romans about 200 B.C. It was a leading city in the Lombard League in the 12th century and reached its peak in the 13th. Shakespeare's Romeo and Julietportrays Verona in the 14th century when it was torn by strife between rival noble families. The city came under the control of Milan in 1387. It was held by Venice (1405-1797) and Austria (1797-1866) before becoming part of the kingdom of Italy. Verona was heavily bombed during World War II.

Population: 254,520.