Zagreb, the capital and largest city of Croatia. It lies on the Sava River, in the northern part of the country near the Slovenian border. Zagreb is the major industrial city, transportation hub, and center of culture and education in Croatia. Its historic old quarter, numerous museums, and international trade fairs are chief attractions. The University of Zagreb was founded in 1669.

Although the site of Zagreb was settled as early as Roman times, the present city evolved from the medieval towns of Gradec and Kaptol. In the 1500's, Zagreb, then called Agram, became a stronghold against the Turks and, as an indirect result, the political center of Croatia. In 1918, after centuries of Hungarian and Austrian rule, it became part of a newly created independent state, later named Yugoslavia. In 1992, after Croatia became independent, Zagreb became the national capital.

Population: 703,799.