Did you know that most of the Netherlands actually sits below sea-level? Explore the geography of the Netherlands, its people, cities and major physical features in this section.

Geography of Tilburg

Tilburg, Netherlands, a city in Noord (North) Brabant Province about six miles (10 km) from the Belgian border.

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  • Geography of the Netherlands

    Geography of the Netherlands

    Netherlands, or Kingdom of the Netherlands, a country in northwestern Europe. Frequently it is called Holland, a name that more properly applies to the two coastal provinces of Noord (North) and Zuid (South) Holland. See more »

  • Geography of Amsterdam

    Geography of Amsterdam

    Amsterdam, Netherlands, the largest city, a seaport, and the official capital of the nation. See more »

  • Geography of Rotterdam

    Geography of Rotterdam

    Rotterdam, Netherlands, a city in South Holland province. It is on the Nieuwe Maas River, at the delta of the Rhine and Maas rivers, about 22miles (35 km) from the North Sea. See more »

  • Geography of Arnhem

    Geography of Arnhem

    Arnhem, Netherlands, a river port and the capital of Gelderland province. It lies on the Neder Rijn River, a branch of the Rhine, about 50 miles (80 km) southeast of Amsterdam. See more »

  • Geography of Breda

    Geography of Breda

    Breda, Netherlands, an industrial town of Noord (North) Brabant province. It has a 13th-century Gothic church and a famous castle now used by the Royal Military Academy. See more »

  • Geography of Delft

    Geography of Delft

    Delft, Netherlands, a city in the province of Zuid (South) Holland. It is eight miles (13 km) northwest of Rotterdam and five miles (8 km) southeast of The Hague. See more »

  • Geography of Eindhoven

    Geography of Eindhoven

    Eindhoven, Netherlands, a city in North Brabant Province. It lies on the Dommel River, about 70 miles (113 km) southeast of Amsterdam. See more »

  • Geography of Enschede

    Geography of Enschede

    Enschede, Netherlands, a city in Overijssel Province near the German border. It is a rail junction and an industrial city, producing mainly textiles and textile machinery. See more »

  • Geography of Groningen

    Geography of Groningen

    Groningen, Netherlands, the capital of Groningen Province. It is about 90 miles (145 km) northeast of Amsterdam. See more »

  • Geography of Haarlem

    Geography of Haarlem

    Haarlem, Netherlands, the capital city of the province of Noord (North) Holland. It is a rail junction 12 miles (19 km) west of central Amsterdam near the North Sea coast. See more »

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