Chihuahua, Mexico, the capital of Chihuahua state. It is on the Chihuahua River, 225 miles (360 km) south of El Paso, Texas, and 780 miles (1,255 km) northwest of Mexico City. The city is in an agricultural, cattle-raising, and mining area.

Chihuahua is a rail and commercial center and one of Mexico's most important inland cities. Lead, silver, gold, and copper are mined nearby. Smelting, brewing, tanning, cement and textile milling, and lumbering are the chief industries. The area is famous for breeding the Chihuahua dog.

Chihuahua's cathedral, built during 1724–1826, is a notable example of Spanish colonial architecture. Quinta Luz, once the home of Francisco (Pancho) Villa, is a museum.

The city was founded in 1709.

Population: 657,876.