Juárez, officially Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, a city in Chihuahua state. It is on the Rio Grande opposite El Paso, Texas. Juárez, one of Mexico's largest cities, is a trade center in a cotton-growing area and a manufacturing city with strong economic ties with the United States. It is also a transportation center and a major port of entry.

Attractions include the Pronaf Center, site of a historical museum, a display of Mexican arts and crafts, retail shops, a convention hall, and hotels. The Mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe, dating from 1659, is the city's oldest church. Bullfights in Monumental Bullring and greyhound and horse-racing tracks attract many visitors.

The city was founded as a base for Spanish expansion northward and was originally named El Paso del Norte (“the pass to the north”). It lay on both sides of the river until split in two at the end of the Mexican War in 1848. In 1888 the Mexican city changed its name to honor Benito Juárez.

Population: 1,187,275.