Iraq, officially the Republic of Iraq, a country in southwestern Asia. It is bounded by Turkey, Iran, the Persian Gulf, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria. Iraq has an area of 167,925 square miles (434,924 km 2). The greatest length (north-south) is about 540 miles (870 km); the greatest width, 490 miles (790 km).

Facts in brief about Iraq
Capital: Baghdad.
Official languages: Arabic and Kurdish.
Official name: State of Iraq.
Area: 169,235 mi2 (438,317 km2). Greatest distances—north-south, 530 mi (853 km); east-west, 495 mi (797 km). Coastline—40 mi (64 km).
Elevation: Highest—about 11,840 ft (3,609 m) in Zagros Mountains. Lowest—sea level.
Population: Current estimate—30,958,000; density, 183 per mi2 (71 per km2); distribution, 67 percent urban, 33 percent rural. 1997 census—22,046,244.
Chief products: Agriculture—barley, dates, grapes, rice, tomatoes, and wheat. Mining—petroleum. Manufacturing—building materials, chemicals, flour, iron and steel, leather goods, petroleum refining, textiles.
Money: Basic unit—new Iraqi dinar.