Christchurch, New Zealand, the capital of Canterbury Province. It is on the east coast of the South Island at the base of Banks Peninsula, eight miles (13 km) from the Pacific. Christchurch is the center of a large agricultural and grazing district. The city's industries include wool processing, iron and steel making, tanning, fertilizer manufacturing, and meat packing.

Canterbury University, Lincoln College, and Christ's College are here. Noted buildings include Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals, the Robert McDougall Art Gallery, government office buildings, and a museum notable for a collection relating to the extinct moa. Hagley Park is the most extensive of the city's several recreational areas. New Brighton is a seaside resort.

Christchurch was founded in 1850 by a colonization society of Anglican clergymen. The city's streets are named for English dioceses.

Population: 340,053.