Brisbane, Australia, the capital of Queensland and one of the nation's largest cities. It is on the Brisbane River in the southeastern part of the state, facing the Pacific Ocean. Although the city proper covers only 8 square miles (21 km2), metropolitan Brisbane sprawls over 385 square miles (997 km2), making it one of Australia's most expansive urban areas. The climate is subtropical. Along the seashore south of Brisbane is a 20-mile (32-km) stretch of resort towns known collectively as the Gold Coast.

Brisbane is the commercial and industrial center of Queensland. It is also a major Australian port and has an international airport. Among the city's notable parks and public buildings are the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, City Hall, Queensland Museum, Queensland Art Gallery, and Queensland Performing Arts Complex. Queensland University, founded in 1909, is the city's leading institution of higher learning.

Brisbane was settled as a penal station in 1824. It was designated a town in 1834 and named for Sir Thomas Brisbane, governor of New South Wales. In 1859 Brisbane was incorporated and made the capital of the newly created British colony of Queensland. World Expo 88, a fair celebrating the nation's bicentennial, was held in Brisbane in 1988.

Population: 1,627,535.

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