Most of the planet Earth is covered by water. Did you know that beneath the Atlantic Ocean there are mountain ranges greater than anything on the continents?

The Ligurian Sea

Ligurian Sea, a part of the Mediterranean Sea, between the northwestern Italian mainland and the island of Corsica.

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  • Is the Dead Sea really dead?

    Is the Dead Sea really dead?

    The Dead Sea is host to tourists who visit in droves to soak in its mineral-rich waters. Is the saltiest body of water in the world about to dry up? See more »

  • Who owns the oceans?

    Who owns the oceans?

    Early explorers drove flags into the ground to claim territories. But no one bothered to float a flag in the oceans. For the most part, we peaceably shared the oceans until we realized what valuable goods could be found in their dark and murky depths. See more »

  • The Atlantic Ocean

    The Atlantic Ocean

    Atlantic Ocean, the world's second largest body of water. Its area, including all connecting seas and gulfs, is about 33,420,000 square miles (86,557,000 km2), almost 24 per cent of the world's oceanic area. See more »

  • The Geography of Oceans

    The Geography of Oceans

    Ocean, the continuous body of saltwater that covers about 70 per cent of the earth's surface. See more »

  • The Pacific Ocean

    The Pacific Ocean

    Pacific Ocean, the world's largest body of water. It lies between North and South America on the east, Asia and Australia on the west, and Antarctica on the south. See more »

  • The Adriatic Sea

    The Adriatic Sea

    Adriatic Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean Sea. The name comes from the city of Adria in northeast Italy. See more »

  • The Black Sea

    The Black Sea

    Black Sea, an inland body of water between Asia Minor and Europe, bordered by Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania. See more »

  • The Caribbean Sea

    The Caribbean Sea

    Caribbean Sea, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean. It is enclosed by Central and South America, the West Indies, and Mexico. See more »

  • The Caspian Sea

    The Caspian Sea

    Caspian Sea, a saltwater lake between Europe and Asia. It is shared by Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan. See more »

  • The China Sea

    The China Sea

    China Sea, the name given to part of the North Pacific Ocean, off the east coast of Asia. See more »

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