Manaus,Brazil, one of the nation's major cities and the capital of Amazonas state. It is in northwestern Brazil on the Rio Negro near its junction with the Amazon River. Manaus manufactures diverse products, mostly consumer goods, and is a major river port, shipping products of the Amazon Basin. Though roughly 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from the sea, Manaus is accessible to oceangoing ships. Paved roads reached the city in the 1970's; one leads southward to the Trans-Amazon Highway. There is also an international airport. Located in Manaus are the University of Manaus and the Amazon Theater.

Manaus was founded in the 1660's, but remained small and relatively unimportant until late in the 19th century, when a rubber boom brought several decades of great prosperity. Decline of the rubber industry in the early 20th century caused the city to languish, especially after the 1920's. Rapid growth began again in the 1970's with the development of the Amazon Basin.

Population: 1,157,357.