Amarillo, Texas, a city in the northern part of the state. It is the seat of Potter County, but lies also in Randall County. The city was named Amarillo (which in Spanish means “yellow”) for the yellow sands of Amarillo Creek.

Amarillo is sometimes called the Queen of the Panhandle because it occupies a leading position in the commerce, industry, and trade of northwestern Texas. The region is noted for its rich agricultural lands and valuable oil and gas fields. In Amarillo are meatpacking plants, flour mills, oil and gas refineries, and zinc smelting and synthetic rubber factories. One of the world's largest helium plants is nearby.

Amarillo began in 1887 as a railway construction camp. It grew into a bustling cattle town and, in the 20th century, prospered with the development of the region's natural resources.

Population: 173,627.