Anchorage, Alaska, a seaport and the state's largest city. It lies at the mouth of Knik Arm, a branch of Cook Inlet, about 570 miles (920 km) west-northwest of Juneau, the state capital. Anchorage is the commercial, trade, and transportation center of south-central Alaska. The city has large sawmills, fish canneries, food processing plants, and railway repair shops. Elmendorf Air Force Base and the Army's Fort Richardson are here. There are rail and highway connections to other parts of Alaska and an international airport.

Anchorage has a campus of the University of Alaska, a historical museum with collections of Indian and Eskimo artifacts, and a natural history museum.

Anchorage was settled in 1915 as the base of operations for building the Alaska Railway. Settlement of the Matanuska Valley in 1935 and establishment of defense facilities during World War II led to the city's rapid growth. Anchorage suffered severe earthquake damage in 1964.

Population: 260,283.