Arkansas, one of the Southern states of the United States. It lies just west of the Mississippi River and is bordered by Tennessee. Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

Arkansas in brief
General information
Statehood: June 15, 1836, the 25th state.
State abbreviations: Ark. (traditional); AR (postal).
State capital: Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas since 1821. Arkansas Post was the capital from 1819 to 1821.
State motto: Regnat Populus (The People Rule).
Popular name: The Natural State.
State anthem: "Arkansas." Words and music by Eva Ware Barnett.
Symbols of Arkansas
State bird: Mockingbird.
State flower: Apple blossom.
State tree: Pine tree.
State flag and seal: On the Arkansas state flag, left, adopted in 1913, the diamond-shaped design represents Arkansas as a major diamond-producing state. On the state seal, right, adopted in 1907, a shield against the breast of an American eagle displays a steamboat, a beehive, a plow, and a sheaf of wheat-all symbols of industrial and agricultural wealth. The Goddess of Liberty stands above the eagle. The Angel of Mercy and the Sword of Justice stand on the sides.
Land and climate
Area: 53,183 mi2 (137,742 km2), including 1,107 mi2 (2,867 km2) of inland water.
Elevation: Highest--Magazine Mountain, 2,753 ft (839 m) above sea level. Lowest--Ouachita River in Ashley and Union counties, 55 ft (17 m) above sea level.
Record high temperature: 120 °F (49 °C) at Ozark on Aug. 10, 1936.
Record low temperature: –29 °F (–34 °C) in Benton County on Feb. 13, 1905.
Average July temperature: 81 °F (27 °C).
Average January temperature: 40 °F (4 °C).
Average yearly precipitation: 49 in (124 cm).
Population: 2,673,400.
Rank among the states: 33rd.
Density: 50 per mi2 (19 per km2), U.S. average 78 per mi2 (30 per km2).
Distribution: 53 percent urban, 47 percent rural.
Largest cities in Arkansas: Little Rock (183,133); Fort Smith (80,268); North Little Rock (60,433); Fayetteville (58,047); Jonesboro (55,515); Pine Bluff (55,085);
Chief products
Agriculture: beef cattle, broilers, cotton, eggs, rice, soybeans.
Manufacturing: fabricated metal products, food products, primary metal products.
Mining: bromine, crushed stone, natural gas, petroleum.
State government
Governor: 4-year term.
State senators: 35; 4-year terms.
State representatives: 100; 2-year terms.
Counties: 75.
Federal government
United States senators: 2.
United States representatives: 4.
Electoral votes: 6.
Sources of information
For information about tourism, write to: Department of Parks and Tourism, One Capitol Mall, Little Rock, AR 72201. The Web site at also provides information.
For information on the economy, write to: Arkansas Department of Economic Development, One Capitol Mall, Little Rock, AR 72201. The Web site at also provides information.
The state's official Web site at also provides a gateway to much information on Arkansas's economy, government, and history.