Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the seat of Cumberland County. It lies in a rich agricultural region on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, 18 miles (29 km) west of Harrisburg. Carlisle is an industrial city; its chief products are rugs and carpets, shoes, and tires. Dickinson College is here.

The city, founded in 1751, has played an important part in American history. It was a frontier post in the French and Indian Wars and an arsenal during the American Revolution. In 1794 it was headquarters for the forces sent by George Washington to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion. During the Civil War, Carlisle was occupied by Confederate troops in 1863.

Carlisle Barracks (established in 1757) is the oldest military post in the United States. From 1879 to 1918 the barracks housed the Carlisle Indian School, the first non-reservation Indian school in the United States; the athlete Jim Thorpe began his career on its football team. The barracks now houses the Army War College. Also in Carlisle is the grave of Mary Ludwig, better known as Molly Pitcher, heroine of the Battle of Monmouth (1778).

Population: 17,970.