Cheyenne, Wyoming, the state capital and the seat of Laramie County. It is the state's transportation, shipping, and commercial center. The city is over 6,000 feet (1,800 m) above sea level. It is 106 miles (170 km) north of Denver, Colorado. Cattle and sheep are shipped and there are packing houses, oil refineries, and some manufacturing plants. Francis E. Warren Air Force Base adjoins the city. It is one of the largest permanent military posts in the United States, covering 81 square miles (210 km2).

Cheyenne was founded in 1867, when the Union Pacific Railroad was built as far west as this point. It became the capital of Wyoming Territory in 1869. A celebration known as “Frontier Days,” which includes rodeos, contests, and other events, has been held in late July annually since 1897.

Population: 53,011.