Elizabeth, New Jersey, the seat of Union County. Its northeastern section adjoins Newark. It forms the southern end of a chain of industrial cities in New Jersey. Goethals Bridge connects Elizabeth with Staten Island. Elizabeth's marine terminal handles containerships for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Most of the cotton sold on the New York Cotton Exchange is handled in Elizabeth. Manufactured products include drugs, sewing machines, automotive equipment, chemicals, gasoline, electrical equipment, and bakery goods.

Elizabeth was settled by the English in 1665, and was the colonial capital until 1686. The College of New Jersey, which later was moved to Princeton and became Princeton University, was founded here in 1746. The British made several raids on the town during the Revolution, and in 1780 burned the courthouse and other buildings. The oldest newspaper in New Jersey, the Elizabeth Journal, was established in 1779. The community was incorporated as a borough in 1789, and as a city in 1855.

Elizabeth has the mayor-council form of government.

Population: 120,568.