Flint, Michigan, the seat of Genesee County. The city is on the Flint River in southeastern Michigan, 60 miles (97 km) northwest of Detroit. General Motors has major factories here, and the automobile industry accounts for the largest share of the city's jobs.

The Flint Cultural Center includes a museum, an auditorium, and a planetarium. Educational institutions in the city include a branch of the University of Michigan and GMI Engineering and Management Institute (an engineering college and business school operating on a cooperative plan).

Flint was settled in 1819 and grew as a fur-trading and lumbering center. It was incorporated as a city in 1855. By the late 1800's Flint's production of horse-drawn carts and carriages made it known as “the vehicle city.” Flint's automobile industry dates from 1904, when Buick Motor Company opened a plant here.

Population: 124,943.