Frankfort, Kentucky, the state capital and the seat of Franklin County. Frankfort is on the Kentucky River, 49 miles (79 km) east of Louisville. It is in the Bluegrass section, where tobacco and thoroughbred horses are raised. Products include bourbon whiskey, shoes, and clothing. Kentucky State University is here.

Kentucky's capitol (1910) is an impressive structure of limestone with a granite base and limestone interior. The state historical society's museum and library are housed in the former state capitol. Liberty Hall, a residence designed by Thomas Jefferson, is maintained as a museum. Many sightseers visit Frankfort Cemetery, where Daniel Boone is buried.

Frankfort was founded in 1786 by General James Wilkinson. It became the capital when Kentucky was made a state in 1792. Frankfort was briefly occupied by Confederate troops in 1862.

Population: 27,741.