Hampton, Virginia, a city in the southeastern part of the state. It lies on Chesapeake Bay and Hampton Roads, adjacent to Newport News. Nearby are Langley Air Force Base; Fort Monroe, an army base; and the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth. A tunnel under Hampton Roads connects the city with Norfolk. Hampton is a commercial fishing port and seafood-processing center. It also produces building materials, metal products, and fertilizer. Hampton University is here.

Settled in 1610, Hampton is the oldest English settlement still in existence in the United States. During its early days, the settlement was called Kicowtan, or Kecoughtan. Hampton was pillaged by the British during the American Revolution and partially burned in the War of 1812. Confederate troops burned the town in 1861 rather than have it fall to Union troops.

In 1952 Hampton was expanded to include Elizabeth City County, increasing its area from 1 square mile (2.6 km2) to 57 square miles (148 km2).

Population: 146,437.