Iowa, one of the Midwestern states of the United States. It lies between the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and is bordered by Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Iowa covers 56,276 square miles (145,754 km2) and is the 26th largest state.

IowaIowa state bird - Eastern goldfinch (American goldfinch)
Iowa in brief
General information
Statehood: Dec. 28, 1846, the 29th state.
State abbreviations: Ia. (traditional); IA (postal).
State capital: Des Moines, Iowa's capital since 1857. Earlier capitals were Burlington (1838-1841) and Iowa City (1841-1857).
State motto: Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain.
Popular name: The Hawkeye State.
State song: "The Song of Iowa." Words by S. H. M. Byers; sung to the tune of "Der Tannenbaum."
Symbols of Iowa
State bird: Eastern goldfinch (American goldfinch).
State flower: Wild rose.
State tree: Oak.
State banner and seal: The state banner, adopted in 1921, bears a reproduction of the eagle from the state seal carrying a streamer with the state motto. On the seal, adopted in 1847, a soldier holds an American flag in his right hand and a gun in his left hand. Symbols of agriculture include a plow, a sheaf of wheat, and a sickle. To the soldier's right are a pile of pig lead and a lead furnace. The Mississippi River flows in the background.
Land and climate
Area: 56,276 mi2 (145,754 km2), including 401 mi2 (1,038 km2) of inland water.
Elevation: Highest--1,670 ft (509 m) above sea level along the north boundary of Osceola County. Lowest--480 ft (146 m) above sea level at the junction of the Mississippi and Des Moines rivers in Lee County.
Record high temperature: 118 degrees F (48 degrees C) at Keokuk on July 20, 1934.
Record low temperature: Iowa's lowest recorded temperature is –47 degrees F (–44 degrees C) at Elkader on Feb. 3, 1996.
Average July temperature: 75 degrees F (24 degrees C).
Average January temperature: 19 degrees F (–7 degrees C).
Average yearly precipitation: 32 in (81 cm).
Population: 2,926,324.
Rank among the states: 30th.
Density: 52 per mi2 (20 per km2), U.S. average 78 per mi2 (30 per km2).
Distribution: 61 percent urban, 39 percent rural.
Largest cities in Iowa: Des Moines (198,682); Cedar Rapids (120,758); Davenport (98,359); Sioux City (85,013); Waterloo (68,747); Iowa City (62,220).
Chief products
Agriculture: beef cattle, corn, eggs, hogs, milk, soybeans.
Manufacturing: chemicals, electrical equipment, fabricated metal products, food products, machinery, plastic and rubber products, primary metals.
Mining: limestone, sand and gravel.
State government
Governor: 4-year term.
State senators: 50; 4-year terms.
State representatives: 100; 2-year terms.
Counties: 99.
Federal government
United States senators: 2.
United States representatives: 5.
Electoral votes: 7.
Sources of information
For information on tourism, write to: Iowa Department of Economic Development, Iowa Tourism Office, 200 E. Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309. The Web site at also provides information.
For information on the economy, write to: Iowa Workforce Development, 1000 E. Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50319.
The state's official Web site at also provides a gateway to much information on Iowa's economy, government, and history.