Ogden, Utah, the seat of Weber County. It is at the junction of the Ogden and Weber rivers about 12 miles (19 km) east of the Great Salt Lake. One of the leading railway centers of the West, Ogden is also an industrial city and a marketing point for an irrigated area. The city has railway shops and stockyards. Ogden's products include processed foods, fabricated metals, and clothing.

Ogden is the seat of Weber State College. The Mormon Tabernacle with its high spire is an imposing building. The John M. Browning Armory and Museum has a notable collection of firearms. Snow Basin, 15 miles (24 km) to the east in Ogden Canyon, is a ski resort.

In 1844 Miles Goodyear, a fur trapper, built a log house and stockade on the site of Ogden. Three years later he sold his property to the Mormons, who had just come to the Great Salt Lake region. The town was laid out in 1850 by Brigham Young, and was named for Peter Skene Ogden, who explored the area for the Hudson's Bay Company in 1825. Ogden was incorporated in 1861. It has the council-manager form of government.

Population: 77,226.