Provo, Utah, the seat of Utah County. It is on the Provo River, 37 miles (60 km) south-southeast of Salt Lake City. Provo, 4,532 feet (1,381 m) above sea level, lies between the Wasatch Range and Utah Lake. It is one of Utah's chief industrial centers, and is also a trade and transport center for a rich irrigated farming area. Large steel mills near the city produce steel plate, rolled sheets, pipe, and cast iron. Other products of the area include construction materials, furniture, and processed foods.

Brigham Young University was founded here in 1875. Scenic and tourist attractions near Provo include Utah Lake, to the west; Provo Canyon, north of the city; and Tim-panogos Cave National Monument, on the slopes of Mount Timpanogos (12,008 feet [3,660 m] above sea level), also to the north. Provo was settled by Mormons in 1849. It has the mayor-council form of government.

Population: 105,166.