Tallahassee, Florida, the state capital and the seat of Leon County. It is in north-central Florida, about midway between the Gulf of Mexico and Georgia.

Tallahassee is the trade center for a productive farm area. The city's chief manufactured products are turpentine, resin, pine tar, lumber, and paper. Tallahassee is served by rail and air. Florida State University and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University are here.

Tallahassee was founded as the capital of the territory of Florida in 1823 on the site of an abandoned Indian village (Tallahassee is an Indian term meaning “old town”). Settlers first arrived in 1824, and the Florida Legislative Council opened the same year.

Tallahassee grew from a frontier community into a typical Southern city with mansions, magnolia and live-oak trees, and gardens. The present capitol was completed in 1845, the year Florida became a state. Tallahassee was the only Southern capital east of the Mississippi that was not captured by Union troops during the Civil War.

Tallahassee has the council-manager form of government.

Population: 150,624.