Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas, twin cities on the Texas-Arkansas state line, about 25 miles (40 km) north of Louisiana. The name Texarkana is a combination of syllables, from Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Texarkana, Arkansas, is the seat of Miller County. Its Texas counterpart is in Bowie County. In many respects the two cities function as a unit, sharing the same post office and utilities.

The twin cities lie in a rich agricultural region and are a market for cotton, corn, rice, truck crops, beef cattle, and dairy products. Products include military equipment, tires, mobile homes and accessories, lumber, and furniture. Wright Patman Lake, a short distance southwestward in Texas, is a popular recreation area.

Texarkana, Texas, was founded in 1873, when the Texas and Pacific Railroad reached the state line, and incorporated in 1874. That same year the Cairo and Fulton Railroad met the Texas and Pacific, and Texarkana, Arkansas, was established. Incorporation of the Arkansas city came in 1880. The cities have separate governments, both of the council-manager type. In 1990 Texarkana, Arkansas, had a population of 26,448; Texarkana, Texas, 34,782.