Texas, a state in the south-central United States. It extends from the Gulf of Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley northward into the heart of the Great Plains.

To many people, the name Texas brings to mind dry, barren plains dotted by occasional cattle herds and oil wells. In reality, there is great scenic variety, ranging from thick pine forests and long sandy beaches to beautiful mountains and canyons. There is as much variety in the state's economy as in its scenery. Cattle and oil are still very important in Texas, but they are now only part of a highly diversified economy that is dominated by manufacturing. Texas cities that had long been primarily market and oil-refining centers are now industrial and financial capitals of a multistate area.

Despite the many changes that have taken place, Texans maintain a traditional pride in their state and its colorful history. They sometimes tend to think of Texas as a separate country. This feeling is at least partly due to the vastness and diversity of the state, its numerous resources, and a spirit of independence that goes back to the days of the Republic of Texas.

The state birdThe state bird of Texas is the mockingbird.

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