Bowery, The, a district in southeastern Manhattan in New York City. It centers on Bowery Street, which runs north from Chatham Square to Cooper Square. Farther north, Bowery Street continues as Fourth Avenue. Late in the 19th century The Bowery became notorious for cheap theaters, pawnshops, saloons, and shabby lodgings of thugs and derelicts. It was one of the world's most lawless districts. Public and private welfare groups have bettered conditions. Originally the street was a lane to the estate of Peter Stuy vesant, governor of New Netherland in 1646–64. The name comes from bouwerij, Dutch for “farm."

Bowfin, a freshwater fish found in the rivers and lakes of eastern North America. It is the only living species of a family of fishes related to the gars. The bowfin has heavy, platelike scales and sharp teeth. The female is larger than the male, and may reach a length of three feet (90 cm). The bowfin is dull green or greenish-brown. There is a prominent round black spot at the base of the tail. Bowfins are not valued as food. They are considered a nuisance because they prey on food fish.

The bowfin is Amia calva of the family Amiidae.