Tombstone, Arizona, a town in Cochise County, about 75 miles (120 km) southeast of Tucson. It gained fame as one of the wildest mining towns of the Old West. In 1877 prospector Ed Schieffelin discovered rich silver deposits on the site. The mining camp that sprang up took its name from his claim, “the Tombstone.” By 1882 Tombstone was a boomtown of some 10,000 persons. It attracted many of the West's most famous and infamous figures, including Wyatt Earp, John (Doc) Holliday, and William (Bat) Masterson. In the early 1890's, the miners struck underground water and the mines flooded. Afterward, Tombstone's population and prosperity rapidly declined.

Modern Tombstone is a popular tourist attraction, with many restored historic sites.

Population: 1,504.