Washington, a state in the western United States. It is part of the region known as the Pacific Northwest and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Oregon, Idaho, and the Canadian province of British Columbia. Washington ranks 18th in size among the 50 states. It has a total area of 71,303 square miles (184,674 km2), including 4,721 square miles (12,227 km2) of water. Maximum dimensions are about 240 miles (390 km) north-south and 360 miles (580 km) east-west.

Washington'sWashington's state bird is the American goldfinch.
Washington in brief
General information
Statehood: Nov. 11, 1889, the 42nd state.
State abbreviations: Wash. (traditional), WA (postal).
State capital: Olympia, the capital since Washington became a state in 1889.
State motto: Alki (An Indian word for Bye and Bye).
Popular name: The Evergreen State.
State song: "Washington, My Home." Words and music by Helen Davis.
Symbols of Washington
State bird: Willow goldfinch.
State flower: Coast rhododendron.
State tree: Western hemlock.
State flag and seal: Washington's state flag, first adopted in 1923, has the state seal. The state seal, first adopted in 1889, has a likeness of George Washington, for whom the state was named. The first seal used a postage stamp for the likeness of Washington. Both the flag and seal were readopted in 1967 when a portrait for the seal by Gilbert Stuart, an American artist, was approved by the state Legislature.
Land and climate
Area: 68,126 mi2 (176,446 km2), including 1,545 mi2 (4,001 km2) of inland water but excluding 2,511 mi2 (6,503 km2) of coastal water.
Elevation: Highest--Mount Rainier, 14,410 ft (4,392 m) above sea level. Lowest--sea level along the coast.
Coastline: 157 mi (253 km).
Record high temperature: 118 °F (48 °C) in Grant County on July 24, 1928, and at Ice Harbor Dam on Aug. 5, 1961.
Record low temperature: –48 °F (–44 °C) at Mazama and at Winthrop on Dec. 30, 1968.
Average July temperature: 66 °F (19 °C).
Average January temperature: 30 °F (–1 °C).
Average yearly precipitation: 38 in (97 cm).
Population: 5,894,121.
Rank among the states: 15th.
Density: 87 per mi2 (33 per km2), U.S. average 78 per mi2 (30 per km2).
Distribution: 82 percent urban, 18 percent rural.
Largest cities in Washington: Seattle (563,374); Spokane (195,629); Tacoma (193,556); Vancouver (143,560); Bellevue (109,569); Everett (91,488).
Chief products
Agriculture: apples, beef cattle, flower bulbs, milk, potatoes, timber, wheat.
Manufacturing: computer and electronic products, food products, paper products, transportation equipment, wood products.
Mining: coal, sand and gravel.
State government
Governor: 4-year term.
State senators: 49; 4-year terms.
State representatives: 98; 2-year terms.
Counties: 39.
Federal government
United States senators: 2.
United States representatives: 9.
Electoral votes: 11.
Sources of information
For information about tourism, write to: Office of Trade and Economic Development, Tourism, P.O. Box 42500, Olympia, WA 98504-2500. the web site at http://www.experiencewashington.com also provides information.
For information on the economy, write to: Office of Trade and Economic Development, Business Development, P.O. Box 42500, Olympia, WA 98504-2500. The state's official Web site at http://access.wa.gov also provides a gateway to much information on Washington's economy, government, and history.