Wilmington, North Carolina, the seat of New Hanover County. It is on the Cape Fear River about 40 miles (48 km) from the river's mouth.

Wilmington is the state's busiest port. It is also a manufacturing city and a tourist center. There are homes dating from colonial and Civil War times, historical and nautical museums, beautiful gardens, and old restored plantations. The battleship USS North Carolinais moored on the Cape Fear River. Moores Creek National Battlefield, site of a battle in the Revolutionary War, is nearby. A branch of the University of North Carolina is in Wilmington.

Wilmington was settled in 1732 as New Liverpool. It was incorporated as the town of Wilmington in 1739 and became a city in 1866. Wilmington was the capital of the North Carolina colony in 1743 and the scene of armed resistance to British taxation in 1765. During the Civil War, Wilmington was the main port for Confederate blockade runners.

Population: 75,838.