Yonkers, New York, a city in Westchester County. It lies just north of New York City in a hilly region along the Hudson River. Manufacturing is the most important economic activity. Elevators, electrical products, foods, and art supplies are among the many goods produced. Many residents of Yonkers work in New York City. The Hudson River Museum and Philipse Manor Hall, a restored colonial mansion, are popular historical attractions. The Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research is open to visitors.

The name Yonkers comes from the Dutch nobility title Jonkheer, borne by Adriaen Van der Donck, who settled in the area in 1646. Yonkers remained an agricultural community until the 1850's, when it began to grow rapidly because of industrialization. Yonkers was incorporated as a village in 1855 and chartered as a city in 1872.

Population: 196,086.