York, Pennsylvania,the seat of York County. It lies in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, in the southeastern part of the state. York is a commercial center for a rich agricultural area. It is also an industrial city that manufactures a variety of products, and it is the seat of York College of Pennsylvania. The city has a number of fine colonial homes and churches. The Friends' Meeting House has been in continuous use since 1766.

York was laid out in 1741, the first Pennsylvania town founded west of the Susquehanna River. When the British army advanced on the national capital at Philadelphia in 1777, the Continental Congress was moved to York. The town served as capital of the United States from September, 1777, until July, 1778. Congress met in a small courthouse in York, where it adopted the Articles of Confederation. During the Civil War, Confederate troops briefly occupied the town. Industrial development began in the 1870's. York was incorporated as a borough in 1787 and as a city in 1887.

Population: 40,862.